Veils, The - album review (4 stars)

The Veils

Nux Vomica (Rough Trade)


This New Zealand band fronted by beguilingly vulnerable lead singer and songwriter Finn Andrews return with their first album proper since their court battle with Blanco y Negro records and the disbandment of the original line up in 2004. It’s a phenomenal return - the impassioned promise of this remarkable songwriter blossoming from the bare bone sketches he worked through on 2001 debut The Runaway Found. Musically and thematically Finn can be likened to Jeff Buckley, Neil Hannon, The Birthday Party, Patti Smith and most obviously Echo and the Bunnyman. Yet on ‘Advice to Young Mothers’ and ‘One Night on Earth’, he has his own vibe going that is almost monumental. It is little wonder that when the band split after their first album, three suicides were reported in Japan, sighting this as their cause.

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