Jonathan Ross promises show shake-up

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  • 11 May 2014
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Chat show host Jonathan Ross has promised the next series of his programme will be given a massive "shake-up" as he looks to overtaken rival Graham Norton

Jonathan Ross has promised to come back stronger for the next series of his chat show.

The ITV host's reputation slipped after a slightly disappointing run that saw BBC rival Graham Norton overtake him in the ratings, but he is determined to "shake up" his programme to reclaim the top spot.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "I'm like a vampire. I keep coming back .. We'll be shaking up the format of the show in October - that will be the first big shake-up in a while.

"We do it every six years to keep the show fresh. So expect a few new surprises - and we're still striving to get top guests.

"It will be a shorter run this time so I'l get a little time to rest."

The recent sixth series only pulled in 2.7 million viewers for its finale, while The Graham Norton Show had a consistent audience of more than three million.

Jonathan has blasted his rival in the past, claiming high-profile guests appear on his programme to get softer questions.

He previously said: "It's tricky. I think Graham gets first bite of film guests. Some stars prefer his show over mine before they're less protected on my programme.

"If they go on Graham's, three guests all sit together on the sofa. He recently had Jude Law on his show who could hide behind fellow guest Dame Judi Dench. On my programme they can't do that."

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