Simon Cowell's dressing room is 'off limits'

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  • 10 May 2014
Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

Stephan Mulhern has revealed Simon Cowell's dressing room for 'Britain's Got Talent' is strictly "off limits" and while he likes to tease his boss, he knows when he's taken a joke too far

Simon Cowell's 'Britain's Got Talent' dressing room is "off limits".

Stephen Mulhern has revealed after eight years working alongside the media mogul, he has "never" been allowed to set foot inside, although the other judges are more sociable.

He told The Sun newspaper's TV Magazine: "In eight years doing the show, I have never been in Simon's dressing room. It's off limits.

"During the auditions, we all stay in the same hotel and have a drink at the bar at the end of a long day, but Simon has never come along.

"I live five minutes away from [hosts] Ant and Dec though, so I see them quite a lot socially. And I have never seen anyone take as long to get ready for anything as Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon do for this show. Oh. My. God!"

The 'Britain's Got More Talent' presenter also gets on with David Walliams, although their friendship meant they almost took a joke "too far" when they were teasing Simon.

He revealed: "I actually enjoy winding him up, but he can be quite scary ... I had a very awkward moment with him just before his son Eric was born ... I thought it would be good to give him one of those virtual babies that cries.

"David thought it was hilarious and said: 'Simon, let me show you how to burp a baby, come here Stephen'. I had to sit on David's knee while he rubbed my back and fed me from a water bottle.

"It was then I realised the joke had gone too far. I said: 'I think we should probably leave,' and Simon just went: 'Yes, I think you should.' "

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