Binky Felstead suffered 'horrific' bullying

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  • 10 May 2014
Binky Felstead

Binky Felstead

'Made In Chelsea' star Binky Felstead has opened up about the "horrific" bullying she suffered at school but insists she has now had the "last laugh" on her tormentors with the success she has enjoyed

Binky Felstead claims she suffered "horrific" bullying at school.

The 'Made In Chelsea' star - who was educated at Dallington School, Taunton School and Millfield in Somerset - reveals her life was made miserable by her childhood tormentors in her new autobiography 'Being Binky' but she was able to beat them and eventually get the "last laugh" with her TV fame.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, she said: "In the book I try and educate people on how to deal with bullies at school - because I went through that when I was growing up and it was very difficult. I'm basically saying speak out about it, don't try to keep it all in because it will end up torturing you, and you do get through it in the long run. The bullies at school were horrific but they've all messaged me now and I've got the last laugh."

Binky managed to cope with her bullying with the support of her mother and the help of a counsellor, and she hopes her book will be able to help any teenagers dealing with the same problem.

She added: "The book is all from personal experience, from how I got through it ... I would have liked to have read my book if I was going through what I was going through at a young age because I didn't realise bullying was mainly to do with jealousy, and I didn't realise it was OK to speak to a counsellor that young because not many people my age did. It's incredibly important to be able to vent to someone, and if you can't do that with your mum, you should think about speaking to someone professional. I'm lucky that I have a great relationship with my mum."

Binky will be at Waterstone's, Bluewater on Saturday May 10 at 4:30pm signing copies of her new book 'Being Binky', which is available through Simon & Schuster.

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