Mario Falcone meets 'amazing' girl on holiday

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  • 8 May 2014
Mario Falcone

Mario Falcone

'The Only Way Is Essex' star Mario Falcone has revealed he met an "amazing" new girl while on vacation in Dubai who is besotted with

Mario Falcone has met an "amazing" new girlfriend.

The 'TOWIE' star - who was previously engaged to Lucy Mecklenburgh - fell for the mystery lady during a recent trip to Dubai and he is so besotted with her he is flying back to the UAE to see her again within the month.

During an interview on 'This Morning', he revealed: "I got back from Dubai two days ago, I went there with friends ... and I've been trying to find a girlfriend for ages. It's been a struggle as I couldn't find someone I could connect with like Lucy, I was trying too hard so I went to Dubai to have some boy time. But the second day I met this girl called Sophie and she was amazing."

Mario was then stopped in his tracks by host Phillip Schofield, who told him: "Do me a favour - don't talk about her any more ... if it's going to be the special one then save it for you."

To which Mario replied: "Yes. I'll be flying back there in three weeks."

Mario also spoke candidly about his suicide attempt with pills and battle with depression, admitting his split from Lucy and the fallout sent him into a negative spiral.

He explained: "I got myself in a really bad rut, a monotonous routine and things weren't going well with Lucy at the time. And this was eighteen months ago ... I was quite down, I wasn't training and doing the things I enjoyed before ... The suicide attempt was more circumstance - my life had gone from being perfect to being in tatters ... but I look back at that now and wonder how I ever got into that place. I was embarrassed about what I'd done."

Mario, 26, has been able to beat his depression with the help of therapy and also revealed he has been inspired to settle down by his baby nephew Buzz, his sister Giovanna's son with her husband, McFly star Tom Fletcher.

He said: "I look my nephew who is eight weeks old today (08.05.14) and if I can love someone that much, I can't wait to have kids. That would mean for me to settle down and find someone I can have kids with and be part of my family ... I want what Giovanna and Tom have got."

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