Binky Felstead is still friendly with her exes

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  • 7 May 2014
Binky Felstead

Binky Felstead

'Made In Chelsea' star Binky Felstead insists she's still friendly with most of her ex-boyfriends and offers relationship advice to her fans in her autobiography 'Being Binky'

Binky Felstead is still friends with her ex-boyfriends.

The 23-year-old brunette - who ended her six-month relationship with Alex Mytton at the end of the last series of 'Made In Chelsea' - insists she doesn't hold grudges against her lovers once they've split and is on good terms with the majority of them.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, she said: "Every relationship is kind of different and you learn different things from different people - how to behave and how not to behave. I'm friends with the majority of my exes and I'll always love them dearly."

Binky has just released her autobiography 'Being Binky' and in it she offers readers relationship advice .

The reality TV star's biggest tip is don't try to mend a broken heart with lots of booze.

She revealed: "I've got relationship advice as well (in the book) about my ex-boyfriends in the past, one of them being my first love ... it's difficult to get over but I did. My advice is remain sober! Don't go out and get drunk, it makes you feel 10 times worse. Exercise is key, a healthy diet, and keeping yourself busy."

Binky admits she was hesitant about writing a book about her life because she's still so young, but once she started she realised she'd already lived through a lot of different experiences.

She said: "I thought it'd be a bit cringe writing an autobiography purely on my life because it's not been that long - I'm only 23. But it has been a rollercoaster, and it's been exciting and different."

'Being Binky' is available now from Simon & Schuster.

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