Ben Hardy: I used to be chubby

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 May 2014
Ben Hardy

Ben Hardy

'EastEnders' star Ben Hardy says he used to be chubby in his younger days before becoming a burly hunk

'EastEnders' hunk Ben Hardy used to be a "bit chubbier".

The actor - who plays Peter Beale in the soap - hits the gym up to six times a week to keep himself in shape and admits that getting rid of his "body fat" was difficult.

He said: "I was a bit bigger actually. Yeah, I was a bit chubbier as well. So that was the thing, getting rid of the body fat, that was [hard]."

Talking about his gym routine, he added: "I go through phases, sometimes I go six times a week sometimes four.

"I do lots of weights and I do lots of cardio. I used to play rugby when I was younger and I do think what you do when you're younger affects you when you're older. I feel like now I've got some muscle, that's probably just laid there, embedded in my genetics, from doing rugby and I find it harder to stay trim than I do to put on muscle."

Ben insists his former co-star David Witts (Joey Branning ) has the best body out of the cast.

He added: "He was ripped but he was bulky as well."

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