Lee Ryan pleads guilty to criminal damage

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  • 2 May 2014
Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan has pleaded guilty to criminal damage and failing to provide a specimen sample following his drink-driving arrest on April 11

Lee Ryan has pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

The Blue singer was hit with a £3,325 fine and banned from driving for two years at Ealing Magistrates Court, in west London, today (02.05.14) after he admitted to urinating in his police cell and failing to provide a specimen sample following his drink-driving arrest in April.

The 30-year-old star blamed his behaviour on the online abuse he received following his stint on Channel 5's 'Celebrity Big Brother' earlier this year.

The court heard that Lee had been detained in the early hours of April 11 after officers spotting him driving erratically in west London following a night out to celebrate his bandmate Duncan James' birthday.

There was an empty bottle in the pocket of the driver's seat and police said they could smell booze on the singer.

He also slurred his words and was unsteady of his feet.

Majit Mahal, for the prosecution, told the court: "Officers could immediately smell alcohol from Mr Ryan's breath and his eyes appeared glazed.

"Asked if he had consumed some alcohol that night, Mr Ryan said 'Yes, a few.' "

Lee refused to take a breath test to see if he had been driving over the legal limit and also chanted foul-mouthed abuse at officers, branding one a "c**t".

He was then taken to a cell at Acton police station, where he vomited and urinated on the floor, which leaked through the door and into the hallway.

The star is said to have told the police: "I didn't realise there was a toilet here."

Meanwhile, Lee was previously banned from driving and fined £2,250 due to drink-driving in 2003.


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Lee Ryan

The former Blue frontman performs acoustic pop and soul.

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