Introducing . . . Weak at the Knees

Introducing . . . Weak at the Knees

The best new nights in town. This month: Weak at the Knees

Residents Perry Louis (Jazz Café, Point 101, the JazzCotech Dancers)

Guests Ronnie Coldsweat, London funk aficionado and devotee of all things Prince, Cameo and Leroy Burgess.

Music policy ‘Jazz-funk, boogie and soul, with a touch of straight funk’. Rare groove night Weak at the Knees will, it promises, ‘to bring out the “ooh” in boogie’.

What they say According to promoter and resident DJ Perry Louis: ‘Weak at the Knees has been running for three years now down in London, every month at Salmon Compass in Islington and some Bank Holiday specials at the Jazz Café. I’m an old-school jazz-funk boy, I used to go to clubs like Royalty, Global Village and The Hundred Club in London round ‘75-’76. Since I started DJing myself about 20 years ago, I’ve been trying to keep that underground soul, funk and disco style going. Weak at the Knees covers the rare groove period from the early 70s through to about ‘83-’84. No-one knows enough about it, even though it was a period in which there was a lot happening, which has gone on to influence much of today’s music and fashions. We just want people to hear this music, and they can decide if they like it or not.’

What we say As a Jazz Café resident for over a decade and Roy Ayers’ current tour DJ, Louis is in a perfect position to educate a Glasgow audience in rare groove. He takes his music to a global audience, and a monthly Paris date for his other club Messin’ Around is soon to join a regular residency in Madrid. Having also played Japan, Russia and Poland, this monthly slot in Glasgow is the next step in Louis’ mission to keep the global rare groove fires burning.

Weak at the Knees, Basura Blanca, Glasgow, Sat 26 Jan.

Weak at the Knees

DJ Perry Louis (London's Jazz Cafe) hosts a night dedicated to rare groove, boogie, soul and disco. With guests DJ Nicco, DMG and the JazzCotech Dancers.

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