24 things you might not know about 24

24 Things You Might Not Know About 24

The real-time Kiefer Sutherland actions series returns for the London-set Live Another Day

1 Kiefer Sutherland wasn’t the only actor considered for the role of Jack Bauer – Richard Burgi was also in the running (although Burgi did appear in 11 episodes of the first season).

2 Other interesting casting choices that didn’t happen: Katee Sackoff (Battlestar Galactica) almost landed the role of Jack’s daughter Kim; Eva Longoria was nearly cast as Claudia in season 3; and, most regrettably of all, Donald Sutherland missed out on playing Jack’s father as filming commitments meant the role went to James Cromwell.

3 24 isn’t the first TV show to utilise real-time storytelling. Dragnet ran a special episode ‘City Hall Bombing’ way back in 1949; while M*A*S*H, Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends and The X-Files all used the gimmick before 24 first broadcast in 2001.

4Keifer Sutherland became a producer on the show from season two onwards.

5 Jack Bauer's birthday is February 18, 1966.

6 Jack Bauer has a bachelor's degree in English literature and a master's degree in criminology and law.

7 Proving he’s the hardest man on television, Jack Bauer has killed 270 people over eight series and one TV movie (according to 24.wikia.com).

8 That's 1.4 an hour.

9 Though it doesn’t always go Jack’s way, he’s been killed (and brought back from the dead) twice.

10 The overall body count so far stands at a massive 14,891 (mainly due to a nuclear explosion during Day 6).

11 Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Counter Terrorist Unit computer genius Chloe O'Brian, used to share a flat with comedian Sarah Silverman.

12 There are 11 official 24 novels.

13 There have been three 24 boardgames including a special edition of Cluedo.

14 But only one 24 videogame (released on PlayStation 2 in 2006).

15 Tesco sold a 24: CTU energy drink in 2007.

16 Sean Callery, who composed 24’s relentless theme tune, also wrote music for Siegfried and Roy’s Las Vegas magic show in the 80s.

17 Most people know about Stephen Merchant’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in Day 6. ‘I imagined that I was setting up a Jack Bauer Facebook page,’ he told Richard Herring on his Leicester Square podcast, ‘just a blog, he didn’t have time to write it himself.’

18 Fewer people know Ricky Gervais also filmed a comedy cameo as a presidential aide. You can find it on the DVD extras for Day 6.

19 The 24 team must love actor Tony Todd (Candyman) – he played Detective Norris in Day 3 then becomes the main villain, General Juma, in Redemption and Day 7.

20 In 2010, plans for a Die Hard/24 crossover movie (featuring both Bruce Willis and Sutherland) started circulating. Sadly it never made it off the drawing board.

21 Somewhat confusingly, new series, 24: Live Another Day, only has 12 episodes. Apparently events will play out in real time but it will jump forward and skip certain hours.

22 Jon Cassar will be directing six of the 12 episodes. He’s already directed 60 episodes (including the feature length Redemption) and won two Emmys for his work on 24, so we're in safe hands.

23 Live Another Day is set in London. ‘24 has always had such a global sensibility,’ adds Sutherland. ‘But to be able to tell this intense 24-style story with the beauty of Europe’s history and architecture as the backdrop is going to be fascinating.’

24 And Stephen Fry plays the Prime Minister!

24: Live Another Day, Sky One.


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