Alex Metric

Alex Metric

Sugarbeat at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Fri 25 Jan.


His star has been rising through a selection of remixes and self-productions for the last couple of years now, and it seems entirely possible that Alex Metric’s first date of 2008 at Sugarbeat will signal the start of 12 months in which he breaks through in a big way.

Already recognised among vinyl-junkies, bloggers and fellow DJs, Metric actually won the Breakspoll breakthrough producer of the year award in 2006, while the end of ‘07 earned him the even greater distinction of bagging XFM’s Eddy Temple Morriss’ remixer of the year award. ‘I’m following in the footsteps of Jaques Lu Cont, UNKLE, Phones and Jagz Kooner,’ wrote Metric of the award on his blog. ‘Anyone that knows me will know how much of a Jaques Lu Cont fan I am, so it really means a lot.’

If anything, Daft Punk have been an even greater influence on Metric, and their definitively taut, all-action disco-house sound can be heard in some of the remixes which helped make his name. His version of ‘Suburban Knights’ actually makes Hard-Fi sound exciting, while a bootleg reworking of The Rapture’s ‘The Devil’ under his Metricity alias has attracted much work of mouth on the ‘net.

Following on from the success of his debut EP Whatshewants, the Fabric favourite will be releasing a new EP next month and then his first album in the summer, as well as assisting on Adam Freeland’s spring-scheduled latest LP. ‘Watch out for a red keytar in a venue near you soon,’ says Metric of his impending live career, although this DJ set promises to be just as full of action.


It's a mash up of breaks, beats, electro and anything else they can lay their hands from your hosts Tim & Jez (Utah Saints).

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