Rick Veitch & Gary Erskine - Army@Love: The Hot Zone Club (4 stars)

Rick Veitch



Given the irreverent nature, speedy production and counterculture placement of the medium, it’s unsurprising that comics should come in under the radar with a satirical first strike at the bogus war in the Middle East. American writer-penciller and long-time Alan Moore collaborator Rick Veitch and Glasgow-born inker and 2000AD alumnus Gary Erskine’s ongoing series is a wickedly funny, sharply political comment on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It imagines a new US Army recruitment drive filling the front lines with weekend warriors, adrenaline junkies and fun-loving yuppies seduced by the promise of danger, sex, power, drugs and hi-tech ordinance. The initial story arc outlines an attempt to whistleblow the new military craze of soldiers shagging during combat, the so-called Hot Zone Club. Hilarious and horrifying, the really scary thing (bearing in mind the Abu Ghraib scandal) is that Army@Love doesn’t seem far removed from reality.

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