Lauren Branning finds 'crucial clue' in Lucy murder

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 April 2014
Lauren awaits mysterious person

Lauren awaits mysterious person

'EastEnders' character Lauren Branning will find a "crucial clue" in the death of her pal Lucy Beale next week as she discovers an email sent to her on the day of Lucy's demise

EastEnders' Lauren Branning will find a "crucial clue" in Lucy Beale's murder investigation next week.

The young Walford resident, who set up a letting agency with Lucy before her tragic death earlier this month, will come across an email from a mysterious client sent to her on the day of her pal's death requesting a meeting.

Lauren begins to wonder if Lucy - played by Hetti Bywater - met the client in her place, resulting in the blonde beauty's death.

Lauren actress Jacqueline Jossa said: "She realises she might have found a crucial clue about Lucy's death. Her first thought is, 'It was meant for me. It was addressed to me, so why did Lucy go and meet them?' "

Lauren sets up a meeting with the client to confront them with her suspicions as she continues to struggle with Lucy's demise.

Jacqueline told Digital Spy: "She feels like she owes it to Lucy to find out. No one else is trying to do anything about it. Lauren goes to the police, but they don't seem to take any notice and say they already know about it. But Lauren has an instinct feeling that it has got something to do with what happened - she might know the person and she might be able to help."

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