Paula Temple guests at Edinburgh club Unseen

Paula Temple guests at Edinburgh club Unseen

DJ / producer plays live by combining records with her own material

Paula Temple chooses to describe herself as a ‘noisician’. It’s a handle that’s followed her around for the best part of her career, taking on a certain significance despite its jokey beginnings. ‘It’s a word my friend used when we would hang out and spend hours making extreme noises that made us giggle with excitement,’ she says. ‘I’m still giggling, so I guess it’s still relevant.’

Temple started to produce her own tracks in her mid-teens, shortly after having her mind blown (aged 15) by Aphex Twin’s live set and while she was enjoying Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra and Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine as her late-night listening choices (‘I was a zombie during my school exams’). In 2002 she released her debut, The Speck of the Future on Materials, and her career since has seen her release a signature dark techno on Jeff Mills’ Exhibitionist and Frankfurt’s Federation of Drums, as well as co-develop the MXF8 midi controller.

This techy mindset is perfectly in tune with her current label home R&S (Colonized was released last year, with Gegen due later in 2014) and Edinburgh techno night Unseen, where she’ll be performing her special hybrid live/DJ set. ‘I use a turntable with Ableton Live and an Ableton Push,’ she says. ‘It’s hybrid because I live-mix together my own material while DJing using vinyl and digital. And I’m remixing tracks and exclusive edits at the same time. Don’t worry, though, I’m not going to sing.’

Unseen’s Second Birthday at Studio 24, Edinburgh, Sat 10 May


Techno night specialising in 'pitch black techno' from the minds that gave you Dogma.


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