Glasgow Kids Comedy Club to feature 10-year-old comedian

Glasgow Kids Comedy Club to feature 10-year-old comedian

Adam Weir set for slot at comedy event at The Stand aimed at children

The prospect of standing in front of a crowd of strangers, and attempting to make them laugh, would strike fear in most of us. It takes a special breed of person to choose stand-up comedy as a career – yet at the tender age of ten, Adam Weir is already convinced it’s the path for him.

Having performed to an audience of 50 at the Edinburgh Fringe (something most comedians could only dream of), he’s currently gearing up for The Stand’s monthly gig for families, Glasgow Kids Comedy Club. Joining three grown-ups on the bill, how does Adam think children in the audience will respond to being entertained by someone as young as them? ‘I think it will be quite surprising for them at first,’ he says, ‘but then they’ll see that I am quite funny, and not really notice it. It’s more the adults I’m wondering about – they’re kind of harder to make laugh than people my age.’ That said, he made me laugh during the interview.

With a few gigs under his belt, Adam will be using his date at The Stand to try out new material, which comes from a range of sources. ‘I don’t really talk about stuff – it’s more single jokes,’ he explains. ‘Some I’ve made up, some my dad has helped with and some are from Chic Murray and people like that.’

Proud dad Laurence has been helping Adam raise his profile, posting videos of the young stand-up on YouTube and liaising with fellow comedians Nik Coppin and Patrick Monahan to procure stage-time for his young son. Despite that, Adam says he’s ‘thinking of doing stuff about my parents’ at future gigs. How does he think his dad will respond to that? ‘He’ll probably just give me a terrifying look.’

The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 4 May

Glasgow Kids Comedy Club

Live comedy for younger fans, particularly those aged 8–12. Every month a selection of comedians tweak their material for the toughest audience on the planet. No under 5s; all kids must be accompanied by an adult.

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