5 things you might not know about Mark Thomas

The 'angry and confused liberal' would like to be remembered as ‘the man who poisoned Piers Morgan'


This article is from 2014.

5 things you might not know about Mark Thomas

Photo: Steve Ullathorne

1 In 2015, Mark Thomas will celebrate 30 years since his first stand-up gig. But he went way past the point of being known as a mere ‘stand-up’ long ago. This is the man who got in a whole heap of trouble for putting a bounty of £4320 on the head of George W Bush, and who’s also the proud recipient of a Kurdish National Congress Medal of Honour.

2 As a natural rabble-rouser, he is fairly sure his own children will rebel against him at some point. All he asks of them is that they don’t work in the advertising industry and never vote Tory.

3 Although a political animal, he’s not so sure about comics entering the political realm. He feels that Eddie Izzard, for example, might make a good Mayor of London, despite (or because of?) his ‘attention span of a gnat’. On the flipside, he also wishes Russell Brand would stop telling people not to vote.

4 Thomas says he was an atheist at the age of eight, an anarchist at 15, and a Trotskyite at 19. These days, he reckons he’s an ‘angry and confused liberal’.

5 Piers Morgan is the only person he would invite to his dream dinner party. He would also like to be remembered as ‘the man who poisoned Piers Morgan’.

Óran Mòr, Glasgow, Mon 5 May.

This article is from 2014.

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