Interview: DJ Harri, of Glasgow clubbing institution Subculture

Interview: DJ Harri, of Glasgow clubbing institution Subculture

The club welcomes DJ Harvey and Kerri Chandler to its 20th birthday celebrations

'I didn't expect to last 20 weeks, never mind 20 years,' laughs Harri, one of the most recognisable and respected faces on the Glasgow club scene. Alongside his DJ sparring partner Domenic, he has been running Subculture, one of the most consistently excellent house nights in Scotland, for two decades.

'Subculture started from the remnants of Atlantis, a Saturday night that I did with the Slam/Soma guys for four years at the Sub Club,' explains Harri. 'It was pretty much packed out from our first night. The atmosphere was amazing and so it continues. The numbers at Atlantis had pretty much dropped as Slam were going in a more techno direction and had started a Friday at the Arches. I think it was a welcome return to a more house based sound.'

While it’s now a clubbing institution, Subculture refuses to trade on past glories. The night has always been house-based but it’s constantly evolved over the period. 'There is no cast-iron music policy. The first hour anything goes, then from midnight on it’s pretty much house in all shapes and forms, from deep house to techno,' he adds. 'Because it’s a weekly night, the bulk of the music played will be pretty fresh and new. I don't think it has really changed very much in atmosphere, as there has always been a younger crowd coming through.'

It's now impossible to think of the Sub Club without thinking of Subculture. 'The Sub Club is like one big happy dysfunctional family. Everybody from the owners, PR staff, bar staff, door staff, cloakroom attendants and glass collectors can take credit for creating a fantastic atmosphere. We also have probably the best sound system in Scotland, which helps.'

When questioned about highlights from through the years Harri pauses: 'I get asked this question all the time and my brain freezes. Myself and Dom have played with almost every big-name house DJ you could mention but DJing with my son Jasper on a Saturday at Subculture was pretty special.' Their celebrations continue through the year with upcoming guests including DJ Harvey (3 May) and Kerri Chandler (31 May). 'We wanted to pick people that had a similar heritage but, like ourselves, were not trapped in the past.’

Subculture runs every Saturday at the Sub Club, Glasgow.


Glasgow's well-established house institution continues to reign supreme, with residents Harri and Domenic and occasional big-name guests.

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