Interview: Turbo Records head honcho Tiga

Interview: Turbo Records head honcho Tiga

Dance music’s most colourful electro-techno straddler offers a breakdown of life on tour

Favourite festival to play?
It’s difficult to decide, but I think for its place in my heart, Sonar takes it.

Favourite club to play?
There are quite a few: The Block in Tel Aviv, Loft in Barcelona, Womb in Tokyo. But it has to be the classic Panorama Bar in Berlin.

Favourite city to chill out in?
For actually relaxing, I like Munich: it’s calm and perfect and orderly and I can shop and eat and see the Bayern Munich doctor. For spending ‘off time’, it’s Tokyo, which is still the most exciting place to spend time.

Favourite city to party in?

Favourite city to eat in?
Rome and everything to the south. Tel Aviv is fantastic as well, but my heart is in Goa. I could eat there forever.

Three essential items on your rider?
A bottle of your finest coconut water, local football kit, and something to help me unwind …

Three things you miss when you’re on tour
Playing football. My family. My office.

Three things you don’t miss when you’re on tour
Having to think for myself. Lack of room service. Money: thinking about it and being forced to actually handle it.

Best part of being a DJ?
Being surrounded by music. The travel. The friends. Freedom.

Worst part of being a DJ?
The gradual erosion of my memory from excessive travel and sleep deprivation. It's turning me into an idiot.

What do you do to relax?
I read. I write in my journal. I go for walks. I build things with my hands. I cancel plans.

Tiga plays the Riverside Festival on Sat 3 May.

Riverside Festival

The Electric Frog crew and Pressure once again join forces to present their outdoor electronic music festival.