The Klaxons' two-year track

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  • 26 April 2014
The Klaxons' Jamie Reynolds

The Klaxons' Jamie Reynolds

The Klaxons spent over two years working on one song for their new album - only to eventually record it in its original format

The Klaxons spent over two years working on one song.

The 'Golden Skans' hitmakers first wrote 'Invisible Forces' - which appears on their forthcoming third album 'Love Frequency' - while on the road some time ago, but after the track was criticised when they played it live, they decided to make some changes, only to stick with the original version when they committed it to record.

Bassist Jamie Reynolds said: "We've never worked for two and a half years on a song before. We wrote it on tour, then recorded it and it was a banger when we played it but people kept criticising it. It's about the idea of a love you can't see."

Singer James Righton added: "We ended up sticking with the original."

The group also produced a number of tracks on the album themselves, and admit they found it "tough".

Jamie said: "We wanted to make computer music, but we didn't know how. This track 'Show Me A Miracle' is us saying, 'We're having a tough time working this out' behind a feelgood pop song."

James added to NME magazine: "Our first record was us in a small room out of our minds. But you can't be f***ed when you're using computers - someone's got to control the mouse."


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