Matt Cardle and Lettice Rowbotham were an item?

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  • 26 April 2014
Matt Cardle

Matt Cardle

Former 'X Factor' winner Matt Cardle and current 'Britain's Got Talent' star Lettice Rowbotham used to be in a relationship, and it is said the violinist is still "besotted with him"

Matt Cardle was in a relationship with 'Britain's Got Talent' star Lettice Rowbotham.

The former 'X Factor' winner was reportedly an item with the violinist - who is currently competing on Simon Cowell's talent show - and it is said she is still "besotted with him".

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "Lettice and Matt are great friends but what she likes to keep quiet is that they were a couple.

"It was quite a full-on thing and she was always talking about how sexy he was. She was besotted with him - and still is."

While the pair are still very close, it is said their commitment and ambition meant they are better off staying friends rather than trying to make a romance work.

The source added: "It didn't last long though. I think they both thought it would probably ruin their friendship. They both have an ambitious streak so it works best if they're just friends."

Lettice has worked with Matt in the past, along with Olly Murs, but insisted she has worked extremely hard to get to where she is now.

She recently said: "It does sound amazing, but those are just the best bits of 20 long years working very hard. There are very long days of gigs and travelling.

"Travelling sounds glamorous but it's not, when you're on an aeroplane for 20 hours and you have to sound check at three in the morning."

Matt Cardle

The 2010 X-Factor winner plays pop rock sounds.

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