Make your New Year resolution a green one

  • 9 January 2008
Greener Scotland

10 Greener Pledges for 2008

  1. Recycle household waste using locally-provided facilities
  2. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth
  3. Switch to using energy-saving light bulbs
  4. Leave the car at home at least once a week, and cycle, walk, share a car or use public transport more often
  5. Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones
  6. Reuse carrier bags when you shop
  7. Buy more seasonal and unpackaged food
  8. Hang your washing up to dry rather than using a tumbler dryer
  9. Organise or volunteer in an environmental project in your local community
  10. Pay back the environmental impact of any flights you take and choose not to fly when there’s a suitable alternative
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You may have already made a few New Year resolutions to reach certain goals in 2008, maybe to use that gym membership or kick the smoking habit.

But have you considered a resolution that would make a real difference to you, your family and future generations?

A resolution for a Greener Scotland in 2008 is a great place to start and now is the time to act. Climate change is already affecting the world around us, but you can help by making small changes to become more environmentally friendly in your everyday life. We can all do our bit in tackling climate change and contribute to a Greener Scotland in 2008.

To get the year off to a green start everyone is being encouraged to make one or more simple pledges throughout 2008. Together, even by making some small changes, we can make a big impact.

Pledge to go greener

In Scotland we are lucky to have an abundance of high-quality resources on our doorstep including huge potential to develop renewable energy and world-renowned food and produce. We’re blessed with beautiful landscapes and countryside surrounding our towns, cities and villages, not to mention parks and greenspaces - all providing a habitat for an amazing variety of wildlife and plants.

Not only can we take pride in Scotland’s natural heritage, which boosts our enjoyment and quality of life - our natural environment and wildlife provides employment in sectors from forestry to fishing, agriculture to tourism, and food and drink.

However, if we continue to put too much strain on our environment, we and our children, won’t be able to enjoy the same quality of life in the future.

Every time we get in the car, turn a light on, buy our groceries or go on holiday, we are leaving our mark on the planet.

This has had a clear impact on Scotland’s climate in recent years – climate change is here now. Evidence shows that Scotland is already feeling the effects. Temperatures are rising and rainfall in winter is increasing dramatically.

The visible effects of climate change have already made many of us stop and think about reducing our impact on the environment. We are taking action – more of us are recycling, using the car less, and buying seasonal and unpackaged produce.

All Scotland’s local authorities have signed Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration and are committed to action. They play a key role in helping us live sustainably including by providing recycling facilities throughout Scotland.

The recycling rate for the waste they collect has improved dramatically over the past few years and is now nearly 30%. But there is still more that we can all do to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste.

Every little thing we do adds up to big change. It is by working together that we can make a real difference in tackling climate change and play a significant part in securing a better quality of life in communities across the country.

From recycling waste at home to joining a local conservation group to, you can enjoy a good quality of life now while safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Below are the 10 greener pledges which the Scottish Government is encouraging people to sign up to throughout this year to help reduce Scotland’s environmental footprint. Many of these pledges are easy to adopt as part of your everyday life so why not start now and make a resolution to go green?

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1. The Mother of Bono9 Jan 2008, 11:46am Report

I like that shade of green.

2. B-Boy9 Jan 2008, 11:53am Report

I'm all for this initiative. Anything we can do to reduce our emissions and to recycle can only be a good thing on a planet with finite resources. However I'm not too sure that the current climate changes are specifically a result of man made emissions alone. There are too many other factors involved such as solar activity from the sun which are not being fully accounting for. Besides, the only thing constant about the planets environment is the continuous state of flux it's been in for 4.5 billion years.

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6. A.F-A11 Jan 2008, 11:30am Report

Well said Big Yin. It would be great to know why the The List is not on recycled paper. There may be good economic or even environmental reasons why it is not? The lower energy used in making non recycled paper MAY outweigh the virtues of using recyled paper. We have built such a complex world there are few simple answers............we certainly all need a lot more infomation.

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8. The Gash17 Jan 2008, 11:10pm Report

"Why don't the council put their money where their mouth is?"

Ahem, the council doesn't have money, they temporarily hold yours. If you think you pay enough to have fancy recycling bins all over Edinburgh just so you can walk along with some wine bottles, that's great.

Me - I'm away to sell some Beagles a packet of fags and some deodorant.

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