Charlotte Crosby wants to ski round nightclubs

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  • 24 April 2014
Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby is hoping her Geordie pals will approve of the skiing and Indian dancing skills she picked up while travelling around the world filming 'The Charlotte Crosby Experience'

Charlotte Crosby plans to ski around Newcastle's clubs this winter.

The reality TV favourite has been jetting all over the world for the last few months shooting her new TLC show, 'The Charlotte Crosby Experience', which sees her break out of her comfort zone to immerse herself in extreme communities from India, Japan, the Arctic and Canada.

And the bubbly brunette is so proud of her newfound skills that she's hoping to convert her Geordie pals to her exotic hobbies, which now include Indian dancing and skiing.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I'm going to be doing the Indian dancing in the clubs and when the weather starts to drop below zero degrees I'm going to be out in me survival extreme gear, me Canada Goose coat and me mittens. I'm going to shove me skis on and ski into the club, have me ski goggles on. I'm going to use a bit of everything, everywhere!"

Charlotte experienced some bizarre beauty treatments and unusual rituals during filming, but joked that nothing made a bigger impression on her than the food in India.

The 23-year-old star confessed: "I got Delhi belly for sure. I got mine right as we were leaving, so it didn't affect us while we were filming, thank god for that. Not good on the plane home!"

It wasn't all fun and games, however, and Charlotte admits she was often reduced to tears because she found it so hard being away from her family, friends, and boyfriend Mitch Jenkins.

The 'Geordie Shore' star explained: "The hardest thing was sometimes feeling a little bit lonely because I was so far away from home. Especially in the Arctic, they don't even have iPhones!

"The community was literally only about 1,000 people - I don't even think they'd seen an iPhone. At times like that, in remote places, it was hard because I missed everyone."

Charlotte can't wait for her loved ones to tune in to her new show, although one person who definitely won't be watching is her little brother, Nathaniel.

She laughed: "Nathaniel's always playing on his iPad and the Xbox, he doesn't watch any telly at all. He comes down - which is on the odd occasion - to ask me mam a question, like when 'Celebrity Big Brother' was on and she was watching it every night, he'd be like, 'Oh, is that Charlotte?' And then go, 'Oh right'. He's just not really that bothered!"

'The Charlotte Crosby Experience' airs Tuesdays at 9pm from April 29 on TLC.

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