Glenn Wool prepares 'greatest hits' show The Jokes I’m Most Fond Of

Glenn Wool prepares 'greatest hits' show The Jokes I’m Most Fond Of

The Canadian comic and sometime lumberjack will be supported on tour by Frankie Boyle

It’s perhaps curious that Glenn Wool should have been so comfortable as part of the Lumberjacks trio: he’s a comic who comes across as both single-minded and maverick. Then again, touring the country with fellow UK-based Canadians Stewart Francis and Craig Campbell was, by all their admissions, not so much work as hanging around with old buddies and getting paid for it.

In terms of his solo career, Wool has earnt a loyal fanbase, who are about to be fully rewarded for sticking with their guy in a show that’s as close to a greatest hits tour as you could get in stand-up comedy. The Jokes I’m Most Fond Of will cull material across 20 years of performing and seven solo Edinburgh Fringe shows.

And before we forget, the image above is a painting by a Cardiff-based fan called Carl Chapple, who asked if Wool would drop by when he was next in the area. As the comic himself recalls, during the sitting he took the opportunity to soothe a raging hangover by discreetly closing his eyes. ‘I held it for as long as I thought would be acceptable. At that point, Carl said, “Hold it – can you hold that pose instead?” Can I sit with my eyes closed when I’m hung over? I’ve been in training for this since I was 15.’

And before we forget again, some guy called Frankie Boyle will be providing support at these shows.

The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 28 Apr; The Stand, Edinburgh, Wed 30 Apr.

Glenn Wool: The Jokes I'm Most Fond Of

Wool chooses a selection of different jokes each night from his outstanding career that's spanned 20 years of TV and live gigs.

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