Hetti Bywater: I panicked filming dead body scenes

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  • 23 April 2014
Hetti Bywater

Hetti Bywater

Hetti Bywater has revealed she almost had a panic attack when she filmed scenes as a dead body in 'EastEnders' following her character Lucy Beale's death

'EastEnders' star Hetti Bywater almost had a panic attack filming scenes as a dead body.

The Lucy Beale actress - who was killed off last week - admits she struggled to keep still while filming scenes in which her on-screen father, Ian (Adam Woodyatt), identified her body.

Speaking about the dramatic moment, which aired last night (22.04.14), Hetti said: "When I get revealed through the curtains, they told me, 'The first time that Adam sees you is the first and only take that we're going to do'. So I panicked.

"I went into almost like a panic attack because during the filming, when they said action, my eyes were quivering and I couldn't stop them, it was uncontrollable. And my palms were sweating. I was like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm literally mucking up the scene so much and they didn't do another take!' "

Lucy's murder will launch a new 'whodunit?' plot that will culminate next year to mark the 30th anniversary of the BBC One soap.

Executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins devised the storyline when he joined the show last year and says he chose the Beales because he wanted them at the forefront of the anniversary.

In an interview with the official 'EastEnders' website, he said: "The Beales are the first 'EastEnders' family ... so for me, building up to the 30th anniversary of the show next year, I wanted a big, epic story that put the Beales at the centre of the show and put Ian - the show's only original character - at the centre of the show."

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