Interview: Rosana Cade and Nick Anderson on Buzzcut Festival 2014

Interview: Rosana Cade and Nick Anderson on Buzzcut Festival 2014

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This year's edition of the experimental theatre fest features Open Barbers, Tom Frankland, FMIN, Eilidh MacAskill, Laurie Brown and Figs in Wigs

For the last three years, Buzzcut has championed visceral and intellectual artists from Glasgow and beyond. This year, the festival co-founded by Rosana Cade and Nick Anderson gathers at the Pearce Institute in Govan. As Cade and Anderson explain: ‘Buzzcut has grown in its ideas of how experimental performance might exist outside the city centre. Our programme of artists is roughly the same size (50 shows in five days) but this year we'll be all under one roof!’

Buzzcut is an open submission festival, and the pair insists that the focus of their decisions is on notions of strengthening community. There are no individual tickets, so it’s possible to go along for a day and experience all the work for free. ‘We were looking round the Pearce Institute last summer while trying to find a venue for the DIY workshop we were hosting with Imaginate,’ they continue. ‘We were struck by the size and number of beautiful spaces, as well as the history inscribed in the building, and thought it could be the perfect place for our festival. It has so many brilliant spaces, but we are placing the work almost entirely on the ground floor so that it is totally accessible to people with mobility issues. And we'll also have a pop-up Stereo doing gorgeous vegan food and drinks.’

Among this year’s highlights are queer hairdressing organisation Open Barbers from London, Tom Frankland’s Small Things, local artists FMIN’s live installation called Dyke which explores representations of lesbian sex. Plus, there are familiar proponents of mischief such as Eilidh MacAskill, Laurie Brown and subversive cabaret artists Figs in Wigs. In short, there’s something to inspire and provoke around each corner.

Pearce Institute, Glasgow, Wed 23–Sun 27 Apr.

Buzzcut Festival

Cutting edge performance art festival created in December 2011 in response to the shock cancellation of the well-established New Territories festival. Buzzcut is all about sharing: food, ideas and homes.

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