Anya Gallaccio, Nathan Coley and Katie Paterson among the highlights at Jupiter Artland 2014

Anya Gallaccio, Nathan Coley and Katie Paterson among the highlights at Jupiter Artland 2014

Silvy Weatherall, Reeves Starburst, 2013

Tessa Lynch, Mick Peter and Silvy Weatherall will also be exhibiting works at the outdoor sculpture park

Anya Gallaccio, Nathan Coley and Katie Paterson are among the artists who have created new works as part of the 2014 season at Jupiter Artland. The outdoor sculpture park will also be hosting some special exhibits and installations as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival, and as part of the Scotland-wide GENERATION programme, celebrating 25 years of Scottish contemporary art. Here's a quick guide to the new pieces.

Anya Gallaccio – STROKE

Anya Gallacio, STROKE, 1994. Courtesy the artist and Thomas Dane Gallery, London.
Turner nominee Gallaccio's installation will be on show for the first time since 1994. STROKE will involve the walls of the Goldsworthy Gallery being coated with Belgian dark chocolate, exploring how beauty can become decayed over time.

Nathan Coley – You Imagine What You Desire

The Glasgow-based artist has created another of his signature large, illuminated text-based works, which will be permanently situated outside Bonnington House following its premiere at Jupiter Artland's Steading Gallery in May. The new piece is inspired by the following quote from George Bernard Shaw: 'Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.'

Katie Paterson – Earth-Moon-Earth

Smiley face
Katie Paterson, Earth–Moon–Earth, 2007. Photo © We are Tape, courtesy of the artist.
Paterson's celebrated project involved transmitting Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata to the moon via morse code, then having the returned signal played through a grand piano, complete with subtle flaws and alterations. There will be daily performances of the piece from July.

Tessa Lynch – Raising

The GSA graduate's performance/sculpture project applies the concept of a medieval barn raising to a platform structure based on a modern home, with the structure being assembled daily throughout the summer by the artist and a team of volunteers. Inspiring questions of community and home ownership, each performance will conclude with a lit fire in the afternoon.

Silvy Weatherall

Skull Skullt
Silvy Weatherall, Skull Skull, 2013. Courtesy the artist and Jupiter Artland.
A collection of skulls, bones, feathers and other intriguing objects, sourced from Weatherall's family's game-hunting business and assembled into framed art collages.

Mick Peter – Popcorn Plaza

Contrasting formal architecture with unruly frivolity, Mick Peter's Steading Gallery exhibition will comprise a cement wall relief strewn with enlarged 'popcorn' kernels.

Jessica Harrison – Broken

Jessica Harrison Ruby
Jessica Harrison, Ruby, 2013. © Jessica Harrison.
Scottish artist Harrison explores the complex relationship between the human body and foreign objects with Broken, which transforms found ceramic figurines into grotesque creations.