Kling Klang - album review (4 stars)

Kling Klang

Esthetik of Destruction (Rock Action)


It is more than just a case of simple mathematics to take the weight and depth of Black Sabbath and fuse them with the rhythmic insistency and melodic crispness of Kraftwerk to create the near-perfect analogue bubble bath. Kling Klang have done this to great effect on the most successful tracks on this, their debut album.

Some of the magic here is in the familiarity as ‘Autobahn’, ‘E2-E4’ or ‘War Pigs’ ring in our ears but it’s this comforting familiarity that allows Kling Klang (named after Kraftwerk’s Düsseldorf studios in case you wondered) to trip out like so many Scouse Neill Armstrongs later on. This is hypnotic, otherworldly, addictive music; old in ambience, but defiantly new in content.

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