Don Gilet's character to cause a stir in Holby City

Don Gilet's alter-ego Jesse Law will cause a stir in 'Holby City' later this month when he's hired as the new consultant anaesthetist

Don Gilet

Don Gilet

Don Gilet has teased his character Jesse Law is set to cause a stir in 'Holby City'.

The actor will grace screens later this month when his alter-ego makes his mark in the hospital after being employed as the new consultant anaesthetist.

He told Inside Soap magazine: "Jesse loves to be controversial. A couple of things happen where you question if he is dangerous or stable. I like that element because it is very ambiguous.

"He's very flirtatious as well. People try to put him in the box of lady-killer, player or heart-throb, but he's not that two-dimensional."

Meanwhile, Don is known for playing serial killer Lucas Johnson in 'EastEnders' until 2010 when his alter-ego was arrested for his gruesome crimes.

However, the hunky star admits it's been nice to take on a different type of role in 'Holby City'.

He explained: "Jesse couldn't be more different from Lucas. It's been a lovely transition.

"Lucas was convinced he was doing God's work, whereas Jesse believes in himself and his skills, not in a higher power. Luckily, no one ever thought I was a real serial killer, though I do wonder whether someone might now think I'm a real doctor and expect me to save their life!"


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