Tom Baker: I'd blow up the BBC

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  • 15 April 2014
Tom Baker as the Doctor

Tom Baker as the Doctor

'Former 'Doctor Who' star Tom Baker has joked he would blow up the BBC if he was presented with the choice

Tom Baker would blow up the BBC if had the chance.

The former 'Doctor Who' star has joked if he was presented with the opportunity to destroy the corporation that made him a star he thinks he would.

While being quizzed about one of his most famous scenes as the Time Lord in 'Genesis of the Daleks' where he has the option to cross two wires and destroy the alien race, he said: "I like that one very much, because of the big speech part and the line 'do I have the right?' If somebody gave me two wires now and said, 'If you touch them together you could blow up the whole BBC,' I think I might be tempted, yeah. But I'd only be tempted for a second - and then I'd do it!"

Tom also quipped that some of the BBC bosses he worked with during his tenure as the Doctor from 1974 to 1981 were more frightening than the monsters he encountered on the sci-fi show.

Speaking to promote the launch of the classic series of 'Doctor Who' on The Horror Channel, the 80-year-old actor jested: "The thing with the BBC is you've really got to be able to suspend your disbelief, I mean anything can happen at the BBC. The monsters on 'Doctor Who' were never so amazing as the monsters on the sixth floor as I remember them. There were some very improbable looking people there. Who would make signs and nudge you and things."

Tom made a surprise return to 'Doctor Who' for last year's 50th anniversary special appearing opposite Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and admits he would be open to returning the series again in the future.

He said: "I turned down 'The Five Doctors' (20th anniversary episode) because it wasn't long since I'd left - I had left 'Doctor Who' because I think I'd run my course. I didn't want to play 20 per cent of the part. I didn't fancy being a feed for other Doctors - in fact, it filled me with horror.

"Now, of course, if someone asked me to do a scene with some other Doctors, I think, if they let me tamper with the script, it would probably be quite droll. I would think about that, yes."

The Horror Channel has completed a deal with BBC Worldwide to broadcast 30 classic 'Doctor Who' adventures and they kick off this Friday (18.04.14) with the very first story 'An Unearthly Child', starring William Hartnell as the Doctor.

This will be followed by a special 'Who On Horror' weekend marathon featuring a story of each of the first seven Doctors shown in chronological order.

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