Lucy Watson's had three boyfriends

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  • 15 April 2014
Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson claims she's only ever had three boyfriends because she's "picky" about who she dates

Lucy Watson claims she's only ever had three boyfriends.

The 'Made in Chelsea' star - who has previously dated her co-stars Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing - admits she's quite "picky" when it comes to dating people and she'd only ever strike up a relationship with someone if there's an "electric chemistry" between them.

She said: "I'm very picky about who I go out with.

"I've only ever had three boyfriends and there has to be an electric chemistry."

However, the brunette beauty, who recently admitted she dressed up as a sexy police woman for her ex-partner, becomes quite "exotic" when she's got a boyfriend.

When asked about her recent police woman confession, she told new! magazine: "Only when I'm in a relationship! It's not like that when I'm single. I'm like a granny - I never go out, I never drink and I'm always at home with my dog.

"But I become quite exotic when I have a boyfriend. I enjoy pleasing my partner."

Despite being keen to flash the flesh in the bedroom, the 23-year-old star - who recently posted a picture of her bottom on Instagram - claims she's put on a bit of weight.

She said: "I haven't been working out much lately. I've been busy. My jeans are a bit tighter, so I know I've put on weight. I'm happy, though."

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