5 Reasons To Go See - Nobody

1 Indulge your musical whims indoors instead It’s January, you’re skint, it’s cold outside and there are hardly any decent bands playing at this time of year anyway (the ones worth seeing we’ve told you about elsewhere in the mag). You got some gift tokens at Christmas, so here are our recommendations for how to spend ‘em on a music-themed night in.

2 AC/DC’s Plug Me In Air guitar in the comfort of your own living room with this gargantuan box set DVD collection, which has seven hours of classic live footage spanning almost 30 years. Get your school uniform out, shout ‘Angus!’ and frighten the neighbours’ cat.

3 Slash: The Autobiography If anyone’s got a story to tell, it’s the world’s best and most famously debauched guitarist (and that probably includes Keith Richards). Cat Deeley once asked Slash live on CD:UK to talk about an outrageous thing he did on tour, then was treated to a story about the guitarist getting a blowjob under the table. What a ridiculous thing to ask Slash on live kids’ telly.

4 Sigur Ros’ Heima Redefining the tour movie, this sumptuous and moving documentary follows Iceland’s favourite sons as they play a fortnight of unannounced free live shows around their homeland, performing everywhere from environmental protest camps to disused fish factories and tiny tearooms. Genius.

5 Bit of a Blur by Alex James If Slash’s mayhemic life is too much, relive those heady Britpop years with the floppy-haired, Ivy-hanging, country-fopp James. Expect smugness aplenty, but much fun also.

Your house, all fortnight.

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