Our Lunar Activities and The Gems (3 stars)

Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Sun 5 Nov


What better way to pull in punters on a windy Sunday’s eve than with the lure of Sleazy’s womb-like interior, free warm Red Stripe and hard, driving rock? Launching their new single ‘It Comes in Waves’, Our Lunar Activities were the night’s generous hosts. Preceding them, The Gems, a band whose bass heavy punk thud recalls influences from Primal Scream to The Jam. There’s not much original thought to speak of, but as far as raw power goes they’ve got plenty, and singer Eddie Beggan’s lusty tones are a definite asset.

OLA lean further to the darker side of the rock spectrum, recalling Placebo, and Idlewild at their most anthemic. There’s a certain indie sensibility running through their tunes (singer Charles Clark played with defunct Scottish near thing Astrid) and in their lightest effort ‘She Cried’, they’ve something really quite pretty - all intertwining guitars and a big, singable chorus. And you can never have enough of them.

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