Flook and friends

Flook and friends

Determined to give punters what they want without appealing to anyone’s vanity, Celtic Connections brings back acts the punters demand which means the musicians feel compelled to find new ways to challenge themselves and their audiences. One shining example of a band keeping things fresh on repeated visits to Glasgow in January are Flook. The Irish-Anglo quartet are bringing special guests to bear on their material, wringing new colours and shapes from their award-winning back catalogue.

ABC, Glasgow, Thu 17 Jan.

Flook with Damien Dempsey

Anglo/Irish four-piece, appearing for the first time with the Flook Big Band, as well as several guest musicians from their last two albums, 'Rubai' and 'Haven'. Dempsey provides support, performing from his latest album 'To Hell or Barbados'. 'Part of Celtic Connections'.

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