The Voice winner Jermain Jackman: 'Anything is possible now'

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  • 7 April 2014
Jermain Jackman

Jermain Jackman

'The Voice' winner Jermain Jackman says music gives children who live in "rough" neighbourhoods a "positive" escape

The Voice winner Jermain Jackman says "anything is possible now".

The singer - who was raised in Hackney, east London - landed a £100,000 record deal with Universal Music after winning the BBC singing contest on Saturday (05.04.12) and he believes music gives people who live in "sink estates" an escape to something more "positive".

He told The Sun newspaper: "We live in a materialistic world - we want the big house, the big cars, loads of women. But people don't want to work hard for it. What's an easy way of getting money? Crime.

"For many kids, music can be their only hope of getting off the sink estates.

"Music is like a universal language and, in rough neighbourhoods, music is that way out to something more positive.

"There aren't many opportunities for kids in Hackney but I feel like anything is possible now."

Jermain - who beat Christina Marie, Sally Barker and Jamie Johnson to win 'The Voice' - wants to create a "new trend" and doesn't think music should be used to "glorify violence".

He added: "It's sad to see the way the music industry is going when you see Miley Cyrus and look at the type of music people are doing, and what the lyrics have to be to be sellable... let's create a new trend.

"I'll never glorify guns, violence or demean anyone."

Jermain Jackman

The first male winner of The Voice reality TV show.

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