Theo Travis - Double Talk (4 stars)

Theo Travis - Double Talk

(33 Jazz)


Theo Travis has a well-established love affair with the much-maligned genre of prog rock that continues to bear fruit in his own band as well as in Soft Machine Legacy, where he replaced the late Elton Dean. The saxophonist (who is also heard on flutes and clarinets) is also thoroughly rooted in jazz, and is a gifted improviser in a variety of settings, from the beguilingly melodic approach he adopts here through to free jazz blowing.

His core quartet featuring guitarist Mike Outram, Hammond organist Peter Whittaker and drummer Roy Dodds is augmented on three cuts by Robert Fripp’s distinctive spacey guitar-scapes, and they include a cover version of Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd classic ‘See Emily Play’ alongside Travis’ own spacious compositions (one co-written with Fripp). A strong and resourceful disc that stands a step or two aside from the regulation jazz mainstream.

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