Lightspeed Champion - Falling off the Lavender Bridge (4 stars)

Lightspeed Champion - Falling off the Lavender Bridge



From fashionable art-noise icon to comic book scribe, friend of the girl Geldof and purveyor of soulful country music, Dev Hynes has gone through quite a transformation over the past year. With so many projects on the go, the ex-Test Icicle is also currently rumoured to be writing hip hop and radio-friendly synth rock records, it’s easy to be sceptical about where his heart lies. But one listen to this addictive debut with its huge, instantly hummable choruses, bittersweet lyrics, warm acoustic guitars and soaring vocals should be enough to convince even Hynes’ most ardent critics.

Produced by Bright Eyes’ Mike Mogis and featuring contributions from Emmy the Great and members of Tilly and the Wall, Cursive and The Faint, Falling off the Lavender Bridge is a stunning first foray for a major new songwriting talent.

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