Various - Vintage Grooves: Disco Volume One (3 stars)

Various - Vintage Grooves: Disco Volume One



Vintage Grooves Disco may sound like the stuff of Sunday tabloid giveaways, but in spite of setting off on a two-disc excursion with Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes standard ‘The Love I Lost’ (included here as parts one and two combined and still sounding great) and calling in on the likes of Odyssey’s ‘Native New Yorker’ along the way, this compilation of epic soul treads a populist path just off the well-beaten track. Soul orientated label BBE is by no means a stranger to the rare groove and with peerless jazz-head crate-diggers Kon and Amir, it has turned out the first in a series of conceptualised, double mixes that pulls off both unquestionable rarity in hooks and palatability of groove. Amir’s contribution might flounder in the deep, noodling jazz end on occasion but the package as a whole is brimming with cuts so hot it’s hard to believe they’re still uncommon.

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