The Graeme Mearns Band - Some Kind of Bliss (1 star)

The Graeme Mearns Band - Some Kind of Bliss

(Partners in Crime)


There’s nothing more irritating than listening to a Scot sing with an American accent. Someone should really have mentioned this to Graeme Mearns, and while they were at it, advised him to drag his band’s music out of the 90s. This album, Some Kind of Bliss, certainly proves that the Scottish trio can write and perform competently but each track is so derivative that you could be forgiven for never getting past the first 30 seconds. The vocals sound like Brian Molko on 60 smokes a day, the lyrics are clichéd and cringeworthy and don’t even get me started on that ridiculous slap bass. Back to the drawing board please, lads.


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