Chloe Sims loves Mario Falcone

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  • 3 April 2014
Mario Falcone and Chloe Sims

Mario Falcone and Chloe Sims

Chloe Sims has admitted that she is in love with her 'The Only Way Is Essex' co-star Mario Falcone who she claims is "insecure" despite being "amazing looking"

Chloe Sims is "in love" with Mario Falcone.

'The Only Way Is Essex' beauty, who has been secretly dating her co-star for a number of weeks, told him how she feels about their romance and isn't bothered about his bad boy reputation, after he reportedly cheated on ex-girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Chloe said: "Yeah. I've told him I love him. I told him the night we were photographed in the street. He held my hand after he kissed me and that night I thought, 'I feel like I'm in love with him'. I know he wants to settle down, but I don't know if he's quite ready.

"He's got a whole summer of fun planned with my brother [Charlie] in Ibiza and Vegas, so he can't commit while he's got all that going on."

Chloe, 31, and Mario, 31, revealed in a recent episode of 'TOWIE' - which aired its series finale last night (02.04.14) - that they are "cooling things off" but Chloe admits she's fallen for him and wants to fight for their love.

She explained to Now magazine: "He's just my type. He's a beautiful person inside and out - and I've told him that. What people don't know is that Mario's quite insecure and it's so endearing to meet someone who's that amazing looking but not sure of himself."

Talking about previous cheating rumours, she said: "I don't think it's fair, I'm not going to bad-mouth Lucy Mecklenburgh because I think she's a beautiful girl, but she did cheat on him. Everyone forgot she got the ball rolling. Hes a really good person with a good heart. He's made a few mistakes but so has everyone - it doesn't make him a bad person."

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