Coronation Street's Anna Windass wracked with guilt after sex betrayal

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  • 2 April 2014
Anna Windass and Pat Phelan

Anna Windass and Pat Phelan

'Coronation Street's Anna Windass will be wracked with guilt after she sleeps with sleazy builder Pat Phelan in a bid to save her family

'Coronation Street's Anna Windass will be wracked with guilt after sleeping with Pat Phelan.

The cafe worker - played by Debbie Rush - will struggle to cope after she deceives her boyfriend Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies) by sleeping with the sleazy builder (Connor McIntyre) in a bid to save her family.

Debbie told SoapSquawk: "I don't think Anna will be able to cope with the guilt of sleeping with Phelan and I think it would be something that would really eat away at her."

Pat, who has CCTV footage of Anna's son Gary (Mikey North) beating him up and Owen locked in a building contract, bribes innocent Anna into sleeping with him in exchange of him releasing Owen and Gary from his control.

However, even though Anna is going through with something she's totally against in a bid to help her loved-ones, she could potentially destroy her relationship with Owen after he finds out she's gone behind his back.

Debbie explained: "Anna's trying to keep her family together and it does cross her mind that if she gives Phelan what he wants then he might leave them alone but to sleep with another man regardless of the reasons is a huge betrayal and I don't know if Owen would ever forgive Anna. She's trying to save her family but this has the potential to destroy them."

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