Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews 'northern at heart'

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  • 1 April 2014
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

'Made In Chelsea' star Spencer Matthews has admitted that despite sounding like a posh Londoner he's actually "northern at heart" and loves crisp sandwiches

Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews is "northern at heart".

The 25-year-old reality TV star, who usually frequents the posh Kings Road area of west London, has admitted that he developed a soft spot for northern characters when he lived in his dad's home county, Yorkshire.

Quizzed on his favourite flavour of crisps, he said: "Has to be salt and vinegar. I'm originally from Sheffield, so, of course, I've had crisp sandwiches. I got sent to a posh school [Eton] so that's why I speak like this. I'm actually northern at heart."

Despite confessing that he prefers his swanky lifestyle in the English capital, he claimed that he occasionally visits his home town as "there's nothing wrong" with it.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I occasionally go there [to Sheffield] but not really. I have to say I prefer stuff down here [in London] but I love the characters up there.

"There's nothing wrong with Sheffield. I just personally prefer it down here."

The notorious womaniser also claimed that his northern roots helped him to perfect his boxing skills.

He added: "I have been involved in a fist fight - it's completely normal that. I'm pretty sure my last one was in Sheffield."

Spencer and his 'Made In Chelsea' co-stars are heading to New York to film for a six-part series which will air on E4 this summer and he's admitted he's excited to see how the new surroundings will affect the cast.

He said: "We will get some American characters in. Everyone will have a different way about them so it will be interesting to see how that reflects on the show."

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