Aonghas Grant - The Hills of Glengarry (4 stars)

Aonghas Grant - The Hills of Glengarry

(Shoogle Records)


Left-handed fiddle maestro Aonghas Grant can’t be accused of saturating the market with recordings – this disc is his first since the 1977, and that album was his only previous effort. Nonetheless, he has built a considerable reputation the old-fashioned way, and is known as a fount of tunes as well as an inspiring teacher to the growing ranks of young players who sport his signature red tassel on their fiddles.

This overdue disc features his son, Shooglenifty’s Angus R Grant, along with guitarist Ross Martin, cellist Christine Hanson and concertina player Paul Connelly. It is a typically expressive, measured outing from a player in harmony with both his instrument and the music. His sound and style are firmly grounded in West Highland traditions. He dispatches the reels and jigs in spirited fashion, and draws a pleasing poignancy from slow airs without over-milking the sentiment.

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