Rita Ora was nervous working with Calvin

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  • 31 March 2014
Rita Ora getting new pic

Rita Ora getting new pic

Rita Ora was "nervous" about working with her boyfriend Calvin Harris, who produced her latest single 'I Will Never Let You Down'

Rita Ora was "nervous" about working with Calvin Harris.

The 23-year-old singer, who has been dating the superstar DJ on/off for a year, chose him to produce her latest single 'I Will Never Let You Down', which she claims is a "love song you can dance to".

When asked if she can concentrate in the recording studio with Calvin, she told BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw: "No, no I can't. Do you know, funny story, I was actually again a bit nervous, because he's never seen me in work mode. I was like, 'What if I riff a bit bad?'

"But literally just ten minutes in he was so blunt, I think it's the Scottish-ness in him, he was just like 'no' etc and it happened so quick. It was a very good experience.

"It's about having fun ... and cos I take everything so seriously, I'm always a bit like work, work. He's like, you really need to just enjoy it. And I agree, so I'm just enjoying it right now. And I'm happy we kinda did it together. (sic)"

She added: "It's a nice little feeling for me, it makes it personal."

The 'R.I.P' hitmaker, who also launched her single by releasing dozens of balloons in London's Leicester Square today (31.03.14), will perform at a number of festivals this summer is looking forward to sharing her new music with her fans.

She said: "Summertime is the time when people want soundtracks of summer. People just want to listen to music and feel good and have a barbecue, sit in the grass, rub their bottoms on the grass, and you know, just feel life. And that's what I think everybody needs.

"I love performing live really, it's my favourite thing. You see people, you can do what you want and get away with it on stage.

"The five seconds before you go on stage [is the best bit], and the five minutes after the comedown when you come off stage... For me that's the worst part."

Rita Ora

British pop R&B diva who has scored some huge hits with RIP and How We Do (Party).

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Calvin Harris

The Dumfries producer and DJ has become of the biggest EDM artists in the world, behind huge hits and even bigger collaborations including 'I Need Your Love', 'Blame', 'Summer' and 'We Found Love' with Rihanna.

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