Kevin McDermott - Wise to the Fade (4 stars)

Kevin McDermott - Wise to the Fade



Having been in the biz since the early 80s and witnessed the inexorable rise of the corporate mindset, you’d think Scots muso Kevin McDermott would have shot his bolt long ago. But no, he’s still making his mark whether it’s with spoof supergroups such as The Uncle Devil Show or by going solo-ish in dropping his Orchestra. Sure this latest collection of songs occasionally feels as though Michael Stipe has joined the reformed Crowded House but the best moments (‘Wrong Dog’, ‘Safe from Harm’) are so melodically joyous and lyrically delicious that all can easily be forgiven. In ‘Watching Cartoons’, he insists that his heart’s not in it any more. Wise to the Fade gloriously suggests otherwise.

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