Khaya - Is/Are/Was – The Best Of Khaya (4 stars)

Khaya - Is/Are/Was – The Best Of Khaya

(SL Records)


Vastly underappreciated during their brief stint on the indie scene in the late 90s, this collection of sessions and singles allows Khaya’s gloriously scratchy pop to shine. Highlights include ‘Love & Whips’, which boasts a warm string-tinged, whimsical melody aching with melancholy, the rumbling rhythms, distorted vocals and surf guitar of ‘I Hate Fucking’ and ‘The Vampires’’ blazing riffs and thumping pianos. The Edinburgh-based sixsome, once championed by John Peel, are now no more after splitting on stage in London in 2001, and while we’re not asking for a forced, finance-driven reunion, it’s about time that their excellence was acknowledged.

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