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Lucky Luke

With January a dry month for releases, the New Year seems a good time to catch up on some left-field singles that have shamefully slipped through the net in this old-fashioned vinyl-only special.

Edinburgh’s Wee Black Skelf is the most unsung but quietly adventurous of lo-fi labels, to which a trio of exemplary releases testifies. CA Celestial & Bill Wells’ ‘Somewhere Under A Rainbow’ (Wee Black Skelf) •••• finds singer/harpist Cari Anderson form a low-key pastoral alliance with the most ubiquitous of sidemen.

Lucky Luke’s ‘Reynardine’/‘Hori Horo’ (Wee Black Skelf) •••• is two slices of trad folkadelic balladry trailing the band’s follow-up to their ‘Patrick The Survivor’ debut.

Cover artist for Lucky Luke is Nalle’s Hanna Tuulikki, who appears with her bandmates as part of Phosphene and Friends on ‘See A Sign Defined’/‘Ask Me No Questions’ (Pickled Egg) •••• Brain-child of pop boffin John Cavanagh, one side has Isobel Campbell and that man Wells again backing folk legend Bridget St John, while the flip features a St John song covered by Tuulikki and co.

Daniel Patrick Quinn’s ‘West To The Irish Sea’ (Wee Black Skelf) ••• is a six-track 10in EP culled from albums released on Quinn’s East Lothian based label, Suilven. A fine introduction to Quinn’s geologically inclined excursions before checking out his new combo, One More Grain.

Released as part of a series of limited run on clear 8in lathe-cut vinyl, Tight Meat Duo’s ‘Creaming The Gutterpunk’/’Nobody Loves The Hulk’ (alt.vinyl) ••• is ex-Lucky Luke drummer Alex Neilson and sax player David Keenan’s authentic approximation of 1960s Free Jazz.

Hamburg Scot-Pop specialists Aufgeladen & Bereit offload a slew of coloured vinyl 7ins by Future Pilot AKA, Found and Tibi Lubin. Best of the bunch is ‘Merrie England’ (Aufgeladen & Bereit) ••••• , the second single by The Sexual Objects, the latest guise of Fire Engines/Win/The Nectarine No 9 front-man Davy Henderson. It’s a glorious glam-racket stomp that marries Mark Bolan to Subway Sect then hangs out to boogie. On dirty brown vinyl, beg, steal or borrow a copy now.

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