Dirty Summer (5 stars)

Dirty Summer

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Sat 8 Dec


Yoofs have always been a major driving force behind popular music, but with influences past and present perhaps more accessible than ever these days thanks to the all-pervasive internet, wide-eyed youngsters are getting their sticky mitts on the artform in an increasingly thrilling variety of new ways.

Dunfermline three-piece Dirty Summer are just the proof. Despite barely looking old enough to legally drive an automobile, these fresh-faced provincials have dug out Lightning Bolt’s primal howl, early Jesus and Mary Chain’s base rhythms and Dan Deacon’s neon electronica from the digital ether, and welded them together into an illogically awesome wreck of a sound. ‘Car crash pop’ as they, rather aptly, put it.

Even more impressively, the trio’s synth, drums and overdriven bass based tunes well exceed the sum of these parts. ‘Camp Candy’ is a two-and-a-half minute blitz of raw, kinetic melody; ‘Mess with Me You Mess with the Pain’ progresses from a menacingly discordant march into the warped, swirling strains of a disco in a loony bin. Good reasons, in short, to rest assured that the future is not only bright, but also dirty.

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