Were you there? Five of the best Richard Youngs performances

Were you there? Five of the best Richard Youngs performances

The mercurial underground legend has made a career out of unique gigs - here are our top 5

For the Glasgow Open House Festival, underground legend Richard Youngs will undertake a three-night residency at a secret venue, concluding with a DJ set of his new electronic material. A mercurial talent who has dabbled in avant-folk, industrial noise, prog-rock and synth-pop, Youngs is a gloriously unpredictable live performer. Here are five of our favourite Youngs happenings

The Old Angel, Nottingham, 1990
One of Young's earliest solo gigs (supporting underground crucible the A-Band) saw him reading out the text of 171 used train tickets. 'It felt like a cool idea', he reflected in the sleeve notes of the limited edition live album, 'they seemed to enjoy it'.

Instal, The Arches, Glasgow, 2004
A soaring a cappella expansion of 'Life On A Beam', the visionary psychedelic hymn which opens his 2006 classic The Naïve Shaman. Sublime.

Subcurrents, CCA, Glasgow, 2010
While performing his glorious collection of DIY electro-pop pastorals, Beyond the Valley of the Ultrahits, Youngs led a crowd of underground music fans in an unlikely singalong.

The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, 2012
Three short sets: a vocal and shakuhachi incantation, the playback of some early recordings, and, most memorably, the live debut of Rotten Masters, his weirdo-punk duo with long-time co-conspirator Andrew Paine. While Youngs barked over an electronic d-beat, Paine coaxed Van Halen wails from an iPhone app, throwing appropriate guitar hero shapes.

The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, 2013
As a Christmas gift to Glasgow, Youngs performed his 1988 solo debut Advent on a stage festooned with fairy lights.

Richard Youngs plays at a secret location (revealed only to ticket holders), Glasgow, Tue 15–Thu 17 Apr, as part of Open House.

Glasgow Open House Arts Festival

Emerging and established contemporary artists who live in Glasgow open the doors of the city's domestic and disused spaces, to reveal a program of exhibitions, performances and events.

Richard Youngs

Experimental music artist mixing primitive folk ballads with avante-garde synth pop.

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