Artist Paul Martin explores the nature of nature in When Men and Mountains Meet

Artist Paul Martin explores the nature of nature in When Men and Mountains Meet

Martin's large-scale drawings and paintings tackle human physicality and spirituality in nature

Borrowing its title from a William Blake poem, Dovecot Studios presents When Men and Mountains Meet, the current body of work by artist Paul Martin. Living and working in Musselburgh, Martin took these words as a departure point for exploration and interpretation, and over the past six years has created what he describes as 'the most ambitious and important works' of his career.

More than 80 large-scale drawings and paintings explore the nature of nature and our own human physical and spiritual relationship with it. Textured rhythmic surfaces, built-up layers and organic colour palettes evoke parallels with the environment and natures cyclical changes.

'The work is in the layers,' says Martin, 'never extinguished, always there underneath.' Departing from previous figurative work, these pieces focus less on narrative, moving instead towards an abstract intuitive feeling or reaction to nature. Martin utilises a diverse range of organic materials such as ash, beeswax, charcoal powders and bitumen in his creative process. 'I have always related the materiality of a work and the meaning, he says. The material is in direct relationship to the substance of the piece.'

Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh, Fri 4–Sat 19 Apr.

Paul Martin: When Men and Mountains Meet

A large series of paintings in which the artist explores the nature of nature, using organic materials such as beeswax, resins, bitumen and ash along with more conventional materials.

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