Glasgow International Comedy Festival: 5 show titles that require explanation

Glasgow International Comedy Festival: 5 show titles that require explanation

Featuring 'Do Bananas Dream of Plastic Fruit Baskets?' and 'Zuma + King Rizzler: Bring Sum Beef'

1 Smells Like Shite … Tastes Like Chicken

Matthew Finlayson turns 30 and decides to make up his mind what he’s going to do with his life. He had a cat in his publicity pic for last August and has footage on his Facebook page of snakes and squirrels scrapping. We’re still not quite sure what any of it might mean.
Roxy 171, Glasgow, Thu 20 Mar.

2 Do Bananas Dream of Plastic Fruit Baskets?

A trio of men have cobbled together to join a club in order for some big questions to be asked and perhaps answered. These may include posers such as ‘What is your flabber what is the maximum amount it can be gasted?’ And ‘Can vampires get AIDS?’ It’s big stuff.
Vespbar, Glasgow, Tue 25 Mar, Tue 1 Apr.

3 Zuma + King Rizzler: Bring Sum Beef

Here, we are promised stories that will be raw, bloody, yet with a side order of authenticity. This might be dangerous stuff.
Halt Bar, Glasgow, Wed 26 Mar.

4 Four Horsemen of the Acockolips

This might be more straightforward, as some comics just tell a bunch of jokes (we think). Robin Grainger, Gareth Mutch, Andrew Sim and Liam Cumbers make up the delightfully named quartet.
Avant Garde, Glasgow, Sat 29 Mar; Vespbar, Glasgow, Sun 30 Mar.

5 Zombie Science: Worst Case Scenario

Theoretical Zombiologist Doctor Austin has all the know-how you’ll need to survive the apocalypse. You might also have to take an online exam to make sure you pass this life-or-death test.
CCA, Glasgow, Wed 2 Apr.